Our Family


North Canadian Red Angus is owned and operated by Tony, Yvonda, and Bryan Moore. Bryan is the fifth generation of Moore’s to raise cattle in Western Oklahoma. His great-great grandparents settled west of El Reno around 1910. One of their sons, Earl Moore, continued the family tradition just west of Calumet. Earl, his wife, Sylvia, and the family farmed wheat and owned both cattle and hogs. All five of their boys married and raised their families on a family farming operation. Each developed his own farm and, while they often worked together at various tasks, they did not pool resources and develop a larger operation.

The various family groups have gone on to do all kinds of things and several are still involved in farming/ranching operations.  Bryan started his farming/ranching business in 1998 and Tony and Yvonda joined him in 2001. We developed the North Canadian Red Angus brand in 2018.

Yvonda earned her MBA from MidAmerica Nazarene University and had a career in healthcare finance. She retired in 2016 and joined our business operations full -time shortly after. Tony earned his D-Min from Eastern Baptist Seminary and served as a church pastor, chaplain, and marriage and family therapist until joining Bryan in the business operation in 2001.

In 2015, we began a transition to an all-cattle operation. Our focus has been on restoring land continuously farmed in wheat into grass and fencing for rotational grazing. In 2018 we purchased Pharo bulls and started to transition our commercial cow herd to a medium frame, Red Angus momma cow. We sold our first bred heifers in 2019. They were heifers from the old herd bred to the Pharo bulls. We will have the first Pharo heifers for sale in the fall/winter 2021. This is all a part of developing the North Canadian Red Angus brand.

We also had our first butchered beef for sale in 2020. There is a conversation going on today about whether grass-finished or grain-finished beef is the best. We believe a combination of the two is ideal. Our butchered beeves spend their entire lives on some form of forage. They are grained for about 90 days for a tender, flavorful, healthful and enjoyable eating experience. We are very proud to have the butchered beef program as a part of North Canadian Red Angus.
We are happy that we have the privilege as a family to serve commercial cattlemen with our bred heifer program and the public with our butchered beef program. Our goal in everything we do is to add value to the lives of our customers.