Why Buy Pharo Influenced Heifers?

Why Buy Pharo Influenced Heifers?

Why buy Pharo influenced heifers? The reason is an economic one. At NCRA we have completely bough into the Pharo philosophy. We own 19 Pharo bulls because we have determined that we want this genetic influence in our herd.
We live in a time that is driving the cost of doing business through the roof. If the cow man is going to survive he will have to find a way to cut the cost of doing business.

This is exactly what the Pharo philosophy offers. We are developing a cow with a smaller frame score (3 or 4) and a larger rumin for very easy fleshing. The Pharo cattle company has been working for over 30 years to develop the bull required to sire this type of cow. One that can survive on the range with little inputs from her master.

This cow is smaller than the average cow today and can therefore utilize fewer acres. This means you can run more of these cows on any given acreage. We focus of pounds per acre instead of pounds per cow. More calves always trump larger calves in terms of pounds per acre.

The pics are shots of some of our bulls and two of our bred pharo heifers. The heifers we are raising are the best available for low cost profitable ranching. Easy keepers that live and produce calves for many years.

We have bred heifers selling at the Geary Livestock Auction, Geary, OK. on December 11, starting at the noon hour. Hope to see you.

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