The Pharo cattle Philosophy

The Pharo cattle Philosophy

Kit Pharo was recently ask by OSU extension specialist to be the key note speaker at a cattlemen’s event in Beaver Okla. The extension people in Kansas and Texas have indicated that Mr. Pharo is to controversial to speak at one of their events. 

Kit says that he has spent the last 30 plus years helping ranchers put more fun and profit into their Ranching business. You have to wonder just what would be so controversial about this?


Mr. Pharo has warned that the cattle industry has placed to much emphasis on individual weaning weights and not enough emphasis on pounds of beef per acre. This has resulted in cows that are to big and cost to much to feed. The result is bragging rights on big calves while the ranch business is sinking from the weight of input cost. 

As a result the Pharo cattle Company has focused of developing a smaller more grass efficient animal that requires far less care and expensive inputs from her owner. More fun and more profit. Less of your hard earned money going out the window for expensive inputs. 

Here at North Canadian Red Angus we are following this same strategy. We started purchasing Pharo bulls and raising heifers four years ago. Due to the drought we will not be having our annual heifer sale in December at the Geary Livestock Auction. We are keeping the heifers and will sell them late winter as heavy  bred or in the spring as pairs. 

it is going to be a long winter for cattle people with grass, hay and water all in short supply over many parts of the country. Depending on how the weather develops we will let you know when our sale will be. 

God bless all of our cattle producers. 

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