Sustainable Ranching

Sustainable Ranching

As is so often the case in todays world there are talking heads and various organizations promoting this idea of sustainable Ranching, much of it politically driven. Here at North Canadian Red Angus we are actually walking the walk. I would encourage you to visit our web site,, and learn about sustainable Ranching. 

The rotational grazing we do has allowed us to run more cattle while leaving some forage to be returned to the soil. This increases our organic matter, allows for better water filtration and and acts as a carbon sink. Our soils improve and diversity of plant life increases. 

We have planted the legume, vetch, on many acres. This not only provides our animals some delicious grazing it also serves as a natural fertilizer, allowing us to decrease the synthetic fertilizers we must use. 

When you purchase our bred heifers or our delicious home grown beef you are not only meeting your families need you are supporting genuine sustainability for our planet and food supply chain. Sustainability at the ranch level where it has to happen free of political agenda. 

Support your local farmer and rancher. This helps them pay for the cost of making sustainability a reality. 

God bless!!

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