Nothing like grilling a steak.

Nothing like grilling a steak.

On this past Sunday afternoon we grilled steaks. Part of them were Chuck steak. We have never had Chuck steak before so we were interested to see how they turned out. Our new processor wanted us to try them. 

They were quite thick so I had to grill them 7 minutes on each side. That may have been a minute to long, depending on how you like a steak cooked. They are a more scrappy steak than the filet or the K. C. Strip but we thought quite good. 

Yvonda prepared a dish with potatoes and squash which was very good with the steak. We used the Paka’s Seasoning (mild rub) that we are selling at the store and it gave the steak a very good flavor. 

Make sure and stock up on our North Canadian Red Angus home raised beef. You can’t beat it. 

God bless. 

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