How important are yearling weaning weights?

How important are yearling weaning weights?

The cattle industry has spent the last 50 years building cows that will wean larger calves. Weaning weights leveled off several years ago but the cost of maintaining those large heavy milking cows has not leveled off. 

The truth is that weaning weights are not as important as the pounds of beef raised per acre and the cost of production for that beef. This is why here at North Canadian Red Angus we have turned our attention to a smaller, lower maintenance cow. You are able to run more cows on a given acreage at a lower cost. You end up with more pounds of beef per acre at a lower cost of production. 

This concept has never been more important than it is today with land cost and production cost out of sight.

The pick demonstrates the difference in stocking rates at given cow weights. 

Buying the right replacement heifers has never been more important. 

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