Home raised beef for sale.

Home raised beef for sale.

We are starting to make our plans for beef sales in 2023. We are practically sold out except for what we have retained for sale through the store. 

I think we will be able to keep the cost of buying a quarter or more of beef at $7.50 or a little less. High quality ground beef is going to cost at least $6.00 so $7.50 for ground beef, steak, roast etc. Is much better than you could do at the big box stores if you were buying all of the cuts. We will get the pricing set for sure in the fall. Processing my go up, we will have to see. 

We look forward to working with many of you during the 2023 year. Home grown beef is the best, very nutritious for your family. You will also be able to buy smaller amounts directly from Moore’s Farm Service in Calumet. 

you can reach us at mfsc@pldi.net or 405-308-1833. 

God bless

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