Healthy food and healthy environment

Healthy food and healthy environment

Here at North Canadian Red Angus we care about the quality of food we offer your family and how production of that food impacts the environment. Just as humans need to receive basic vaccinations animals need their health tended to also. In the pic Bryan is giving weaned caves the vaccinations they require for a healthy entrance into adulthood. 

A variety of pasture management protocols are used to create the healthiest forage possible. Rotational grazing is used to give the forage and the land time to rest. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that is highly nutritious for our animals but also captures carbon and water. In addition to this legumes are used for at least part of our fertility so the use of synthetic fertilizers can be keep to a minimum. 

Healthy animals, health food, healthy land at North Canadian Red Angus. Check out our web site Buy our products at the store in Calumet, Moore’s Farm Service, or off the online store. 

God bless!

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