Geary Oklahoma Live Stock Auction

Geary Oklahoma Live Stock Auction

We sold bred heifers at the Geary Oklahoma Livestock auction this past Saturday. The average price was just over $1500. We were quite happy considering how dry it is.

We would like to thank everyone who helped at the sale barn on Saturday. We also want to give a big shout-out to the auctioneer, C. W. and to the sale barn owner, Ricky. Was a great sale guys. Thanks.

Earlier in the year we sold the open eight weight heifers at the sale in Geary. Ordinarily we would have taken them to O. K. C West, however C. W. ask me if I would bring them to Geary. He promised me he would get market price for them and he did. Again Thanks.

I’m happy that we can support our local sale barn. These guys are doing a fine job. C. W is getting a lot of attention lately. Congrats, but don’t get the big head on us C. W.

We are saving all the red heifers until our entire herd is Pharo Red Angus. One pic is us turning heifers out with the cows at Stringtown. The other pic is a group of mixed color Pharo heifers selling on Saturday.

God bless America. Nothing like healthy beef to serve your family. We sell butcher beef under the North Canadian Red Angus label.

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