Gathering weaning calves

Gathering weaning calves

We have been gathering the weaning calves. The group in Stringtown is the last group. We loaded them today. This is early but we wanted to get them off the cows because grass and hay is in short supply. The cows are facing a tough winter so we want to give them every advantage. They will all be preg checked and some will have to go to market because we do not want to keep cows this year that will produce no calf for us. The cows and the calves were very upset that they were being separated from each other. Interestingly it will only take two or three days for the cows to forget about their calves. It will take 4-6 days for the calves to forget about mom. Then everyone will be very happy again. Natures way!

Since it is beautiful in Southeast Okla right now I will include a pic of scenery. Enjoy!

God bless!


God bless

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