Cattle can be funny and irritating at times

Cattle can be funny and irritating at times

We currently have weaning calves in our pens. The steers will very shortly be taken to the sale barn along with several cows that are being culled from the herd. The heifers will be taken to the vet and given their calf hood vaccinations and then turned out in a pasture. 

Hopefully we are going to get rain in the month of February. Since August we have had one rain in October that allowed people to plant their winter crops and nothing since that time. It is becoming exceedingly dry. Our vetch and ryegrass that should have provided some grazing over the winter months has not provided anything. 

Because of the dry weather and the recent cold and snow we have been feeding more hay than we normally would. This is an expensive proposition but did get us the pic used in this post. The calf thinks it is a goat apparently. You have to laugh. 

We love our cattle! God bless. 

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